‘You Are What You Eat’

You Are What You Eat

This interesting quote comes from a French phrase that literally translates as “Tell me what you eat and I shall tell you what you are.”

Since fibromyalgia invaded my world, I have come to realize just how important healthy eating is to my well-being.

As my fibromyalgia raged out of control and I could barely stand at the stove to prepare a meal my diet deteriorated to whatever was quick.

I even found that shopping presented a challenge. It was difficult driving to the store. Walking up and down the aisles hurt. The smells from the detergent and cleaning products made me nauseous. I picked up whatever was close, not too heavy and easy to prepare-which had come to mean nuking in the microwave.

My diet was not balanced or nutritious. It consisted largely of processed foods. Too tired to prepare anything else, I’d often microwave a bag of popcorn. When I experienced a rare bit of energy I’d heat boxed macaroni and cheese.  A can of diet coke was an easy beverage.

No wonder my body ballooned and my pains, brain fog, and irritable bowel intensified. I was always sick and tired.

Since I found Joy of Healing, the help I so desperately needed, my diet has changed dramatically. I now value my body and feed it the nutrients it needs. I was introduced to juicing. Greens and vegetables, chicken and fish, healthy grains such as amaranth, quinoa, and wild rice are staples. My body thrives on healthy foods and digests them well.

I have drastically cut down my consumption of sugar, dairy, wheat and processed foods. My mainstay beverages are distilled water and green teas.

Shopping and searching out healthy foods is now a pleasure instead of a trial. I am still not a culinary wiz or a master chef but I do realize just how vital eating well is to achieving and maintaining good health. For me it is essential.

I am what I eatI am broccoli and spinach, kale, chicken and fish, wild rice, amaranth, and a host of healthy whole foods that I love. I am free of pain and prescriptions. I look forward to each day and the challenges and adventures it brings.

Before my remission from fibromyalgia, I was sodas and macaroni, TV dinners, sandwiches, popcorn, fast foods and desserts. I was sick and in constant chronic pain, barely able to move. I was fearful and dreaded every movement and the pain that came with it.

There is room in my life for an occasional soda, dessert, and popcorn but they are no longer staples. Like all of us I do the best I can to be mindful of what I need to do to stay healthy. I am grateful for the opportunity and the guidance I have received to live a healthy happy life.

  • Look at the foods you are eating.
  • Is your diet balanced?
  • Are you feeding your body the nutrients it requires?

If not try implementing changes. Find the foods that work for you.

Komanchuk2014‘You Are What You Eat’

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