Hope to Pain Sufferers Via Noninvasive Healing

Fibromyalgia Patient Janet Komanchuk Says Alternative Wellness Therapy Gave Her New Life.

TAMPA, Fla. – Fibromyalgia sufferer Janet Komanchuk’s new website, jkomanchuk.com, is a passion project designed to promote alternative wellness therapy for people suffering chronic pain and fatigue who haven’t found relief with traditional treatment.

A mind-body-spirit focus provided by alternative wellness therapy saved her life, she says, which is why increasing awareness for alternative treatment has become one of her major life goals.

“I am filled with gratitude for the fact that I am more than 13 years free of the torment from fibromyalgia that had plagued me throughout my life,” says Komanchuk, a retired schoolteacher who now works as an educational writer and public relations assistant with Joy of Healing, Inc., in Valrico, Fla.

With constant and increasing pain destroying her life, Komanchuk, at age 52, was desperate with the prospect of a life spent in a nursing home. She had been to orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, rheumatologists, psychologists, underwent MRIs and took all manner of medications for the unbearable pain. Countless tests and numerous referrals eventually yielded a diagnosis – fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FM) is a complex, chronic condition of widespread muscular pain and fatigue, often with sleep disturbances, impaired memory and concentration, depression and more, according to the National Fibromyalgia Research Association (NFRA). Roughly six million Americans suffer from FM, yet millions more are estimated to be undiagnosed. While FM seems to disproportionately affect women, men and children are also known to have FM, according to NFRA.

Like Komanchuk, FM sufferers are often hindered from performing basic daily tasks, including those that are necessary for a chosen profession.

“When medical leave, morphine patches, codeine and a myriad of pharmaceuticals brought no relief, I took an early retirement and tried a different approach in combination with medical treatment,” she says.

Still, nothing worked – not until she experienced the alternative wellness therapy provided by medium and healer Andrew Overlee, and his wife Tamara, a dedicated spiritual counselor and author.

“Because of their unique mind-body-spirit approach, I have been pain-free and prescription-free; because of them I have my life back!” Komanchuk says. “Don’t be afraid to think beyond traditional medicine when it comes to your health. Many are turning to complementary and alternative practices that treat not just the disease, but the whole person. Do the research and find a healing modality that works for you. In your search, trust your intuition to guide you.”

About Janet Komanchuk
Janet Komanchuk is a retired schoolteacher who has experienced the miraculous remission of chronic, debilitating fibromyalgia, which was the result of many overlapping stressors and unresolved issues throughout her life. While weathering extreme fatigue and pain, she’d tried everything from traditional Western medicine to alcohol consumption and various holistic treatments. It wasn’t until she experienced the healing work of medium and healer Andrew Overlee, and his wife, Tamara, a dedicated spiritual counselor and author, that she was able to regain her life. She is now pain-free without any use of prescription medication. She is an educational writer and public relations assistant with Joy of Healing, Inc., in Valrico, Fla.

Komanchuk2014Hope to Pain Sufferers Via Noninvasive Healing

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    1. Komanchuk2014

      Hi Elly,
      Thank you for your comment. I suggest that you have a look at http://www.joyofhealing.com If it is something you are interested in contact Tamara and Andrew.
      Because of their amazing work I no longer suffer from the horrendous pain of Fibromyalgia that was destroying my life. Because of them I am both pain and prescription free. I will forever be grateful for their special work that literally saved my very life.
      I empathize with your pain and wish you and your boyfriend every success whatever healing modality you choose to pursue. Never give up!
      Love & Blessings,

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