Around the Next Bend

Incessant shrill cheeping coming from the huge nest perched atop one of the power poles greeted me on my morning walk. Hoping for a glimpse of the noisy chicks or even a look at the adult osprey feeding their hungry brood I slowed my pace. Oh well perhaps they were off hunting or fishing. No matter, the cheeps thrilled me. … Read More

Komanchuk2014Around the Next Bend

Memories: I Was Fibromyalgia

How I loved the out doors and, in days past, the “estate work.” On days like this, AF, After Fibromyalgia, days my lawn assumed daunting insurmountable estate-like proportions. What used to be an hour’s respite from marking my students’ assignments had become an ordeal that went on for several days and left me even more exhausted and aching. One lap … Read More

Komanchuk2014Memories: I Was Fibromyalgia

“What Do You Know For Sure?”

Such a thought provoking question, one worthy of life altering edicts and philosophical truths that will live forever. My thoughts, however, turn to life lessons learned in childhood: Don’t stick your tongue on a metal fence when the temperature falls below freezing. On a dare an elementary school classmate accepted the challenge to do just that, thus confirming that it … Read More

Komanchuk2014“What Do You Know For Sure?”

Not My Time

 Where am I? What happened? I was driving my first car, a cute lily pad green Envoy Epic, along the gravel road to Iddesleigh, a rural hamlet in Alberta, Canada where my best friend, Judy, was waiting for me. Yesterday we had quit our summer jobs, hers clerking at her family’s general store, and mine sorting bottles in a factory. … Read More

Komanchuk2014Not My Time

Modern Day Scrooge

‘Tis the season when the proverbial classic Christmas Carol comes to life once more. Even though we’re all familiar with Dickens’ tale, theatre goers are still drawn to see the miserly, mean spirited Scrooge demanding his due pound of flesh from his hard working, put upon clerk, Bob Crachett. And who can resist empathizing with the destitute Cratchit family, especially … Read More

Komanchuk2014Modern Day Scrooge