Meet Janet Komanchuk

Janet KomanchukEvery person comes into this world with special qualities and characteristics. These gifts are part of what makes each of us unique.  How we manage these assets, and act or react towards circumstances, will weave what we call life.

Janet Komanchuk has weathered many storms in her life that culminated in one overlapping result: fibromyalgia. Born in Canada, a teacher by trade, Janet experienced an overwhelming abundance of stress, rejection, loss and adversity that contributed to a challenged life and body. Amazing how the things many believe are trivial, affect us in ways most cannot comprehend; chipping away at us physically, mentally and spiritually—what makes the complete person.

Janet was to learn when one area is suffering, the entire being suffers. All areas are connected and affect each other.

Fortunately, ready to give up on life and accept her fate was a nursing home until death, her prayers were answered. Janet was to learn there are forces that heal, which are not chemically based nor invasive. Janet will forever be grateful for the special mind, body and spirit-wellness work of Joy of Healing; which she credits for her miraculous healing.

Today, Janet lives a healthy and vibrant life; being grateful for the gift of each day and sharing the blessing she has received. Read Janet’s story and see why many are being encouraged by it.

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