My Shrinking World

Shrinking World

How frustrating it was to be considered neurotic, hormonal or “just” depressed. After all, who knew for sure what fibromyalgia was? For sure, most thought it was a “woman thing” or just plain malingering.

“But you look so good,” acquaintances, friends and colleagues often commented, when they learned I was on medical leave.

Survival and searching for a cure—and failing that—something or someone that could help me manage the horrid pain became my full time job. What I wouldn’t give to sleep through the night, instead of constantly awakening to stabbing and aching agony. I longed to focus enough to escape once again into a novel, a magazine or even a television show I enjoyed so much before the fibromyalgia brain fog. Even driving, shoulder checking and parking was a painful challenge.

My world was shrinking before me.

After school, most Fridays, I joined fellow teachers at a local bar. There we discussed our successes, trials and tribulations of the week. No longer teaching, I was now an outsider. I could not even remember the students I had taught and passed along to another grade. There were new teachers and new discussions, and I was out of touch. Even sitting in the booth was an ordeal. Shortly thereafter, I stopped going and my world became even smaller. But the more I lost, the more determined I was to find the help I longed for.

Finally, thanks to my Uncle Bill who recommended them, I experienced the beautiful mind, body, spirit wellness work of Joy of Healing founders, Tamara and Andrew Overlee. Thanks to them, my world has expanded beyond my hopes and prayers. I no longer live within the confines of pain, confusion and depression—Fibromyalgia no longer limits my freedom and activities.

My world is forever growing and I am forever grateful.


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