Control What?

Control what

When I returned home from seeing Joy of Healing founders, Andrew and Tamara Overlee, I could barely wait to see my friend and fellow fibromyalgia sufferer. Long time family friends, her parents were in the same nursing home my mom was in. A nurse and a mother herself, my friend taught me how to change my poor bedridden mother’s diapers so as not to jostle her and exacerbate her chronic dizziness.

Through the years we had laughed and cried together. We shared tips on medications, physicians, and therapies. She was even there in the nursing home supporting me when my mother passed.

I was feeling such relief after my sessions with the Overlees, I just had to share my good fortune. “You won’t believe it, I’ve finally found something that works. It really works. I feel soo much better.” I babbled on, talking a mile a minute, telling her about my wonderful healing experience.

Her reply to my enthusiasm was unexpected to say the least. “Come back and tell me how you’re feeling in three months,” she said. And I did. Then it was, “Come back and show me how you’re feeling in six months.” Again I returned for I continued to improve.

This time she told me she did not feel comfortable hearing me talk about the wonderful mind, body, spirit wellness work that brought me such relief and healing.

My fibromyalgia was in remission–no horrid pains, irritable bowel syndrome, fibro fog, sleep deprivation or the host of symptoms that made each day such an excruciating challenge. How could that make her uncomfortable? We had both tried so many things that had not worked, and now, at last, I found the help I searched for.

I did not understand why my friend did not embrace this unique energy work herself. She told me she was afraid of losing control. “What control?” I asked.

When I had fibromyalgia, it controlled me. My activities or lack of them, my thoughts and even my prayers revolved around the shrining world of my illness. What kind of control was that? I couldn’t sit through a movie let alone a live performance. I couldn’t even applaud. I couldn’t even concentrate to read a newspaper. My life was shuffling between my sauna, hot tub and my bed. Control of what? I never understood.

Each of us chooses our path, the one that meets our needs, the one we feel comfortable with. I choose wellness. I choose Joy of Healing, and, at long last, I have my life back, renewed and full.

Blessings to each of you as you choose your own path.

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